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“Virtual is our new reality” – Guy Bavli

In today’s reality of COVED19 we must keep safe and continue being creativly motivated. It is important that we push, not only our family, but also our business to the next level.

For over 30 years Mentalist & Speaker Guy Bavli traveled the world with his show and keynote program. Delivering state-of-the-art performances to organization leaders and VIP audiences, both on stage and on TV. Now he is offering you Live Virtual Shows.


Guy Bavli has created a Live Virtual Show to fit your computer screen, tablet or mobile phone for a experence from the comfort of your couch!

Today you can experience Virtual Mentalist Guy Bavli, LIVE with a click of a button. It’s that easy!  

Virtual shows for your special VIP events, Virtual Conferences, Webinars and Virtual Team Building.


A LIVE  Interactive Virtual show for small to large audiences from the comfort of  your screen.

Interactive, High Energy and extremely Funny: Mind Reading, Telekinesis, Psychological Illusions, Mind Games, and More!

Guy Bavli will not only entertain you, he will deliver your message, motivate, inspire, empower, and BLOW YOUR MIND .

Sutiable for all ages, CONTACT GUY NOW!


Knowledge is POWER! Feeding Information with Positivity is Fuel to SUCCESS!

Each presentation will Blow Your Mind through the screen with, Live Interactive Activities tailored fit your needs.

Its Funny, Inspiring, Motivational and Mind-Boggling!

Choose a Topic Below, or Have Guy Bavli Create a Custom Blend For Your Needs.

  • VIRTUAL MAGIC LEARNING TEAM BUILDING Connect your team together via- Virtual Magic Learning Team Building.  Guy Bavli will teach creative magical effects that will be constructed live, step by step together, with your group. Each of the team members will perform at least one effect in front of their pears. Presentation guidelines will be given to him/her during the session. Learning to work together, present, and communicate is the key to this program. It’s Funny, Interactive, and your team will have icebreaker tools to present to their families and clients for the future. The material list will be sent ahead. It will be things you find at home/office, and graphics digitally sent to each of the participants.
  • SMILE FOR A CHANGE: Based on Guy Bavli’s book: “Smile for a Change” a high energy talk about the power of a Smile, and how it can affect our lives. Guy reveals the History of Smile. What happens in our brains when we smile. Why a smile can change our feelings in less than 5 seconds. How we can adapt it to our lives, relationships, business, sales and more. (An option to send a digital copy of the book to all participants to read after the talk.)
  • SECRETS OF THE MIND: Have you ever asked yourself what is the Sixth Sense and does it really exist?  What hidden powers are available to us? How can we use them to our advantage? Guy Bavli explores the capabilities of our minds using personal stories, demonstrations of body language, the power of suggestion, and subliminal communication. Bavli will reveal “how to” secrets and how to use it to succeed with your goals!
  • HOW TO IMPLEMENT CHANGE: Change is inevitable, whether its personal or business. By understanding change and how to adapt, Guy Bavli brings an emotional personal stories with interactive elements of to explain how change is possible and how to dive in it. Taking steps, Realistic goals, perspective view, making decisions, how to put things into action is part of the message in this virtual keynote session about change..
  • THE POWER OF HYPNOSIS:   Guy Bavli, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHT), invites you to dive into one of the most effective ways to enrich your potential – Hypnosis.   In an Interactive and humorous way, Bavli discusses how hypnosis works, the history, types of hypnosis, its myths and misconceptions and the remedies it offers. How to use self-hypnosis to benefit your goals: from confidence, prosperity, procrastination, focus, sales habits and more.
  • EXCELL IN CUSTOMER SERVICE: Customer service is the key to longevity success. People will leave your business no matter how good is your product, if your customer service is not up to their expectation. Do you really want to send them away?   Guy Bavli invites you to excel in customer service: How to interact with your client, how to listen, the music of words, how to make your client your friend, building trust, and making your client buy from you rather than you selling them.