We all heard, at some point in our lives, of bizarre occurrences of the paranormal or telekinesis experience using what most people call the Sixth sense.

We all felt dumbfounded and unable to logically explain these sightings? Is it an illusion? Is it real? Or is it a figment of our imagination? 

How can we understand the mystery behind Telekinesis, Mind Reading and all kinds of unexplained happenings, so that we can enjoy them instead of questioning our sanity? 

Paranormal explained

According to Mentalist, Illusionist and corporate performer, Guy Bavli, these “Paranormal” experiences can be easily explained. 

Let’s start with the fact that Guy Bavli does not claim to have “Super Natural” powers. The Sixth sense is not what you see in the movies. In fact, nobody can really read minds or move objects with the power of the mind only! 

The use of Magic and Illusion is a big part of it, as well as, psychology, physiology, intuition and many other modalities to create the feeling of a real paranormal or sixth sense experience. 

Corporate entertainer and speaker, Guy Bavli, has been able to harness these skills over the last 30 years and demonstrate the effect of directed mental focus, mind over matter and telekinesis to millions of people all around the world. 

One part of the Magic and illusion art is Mind Magic or what is call Mentalism. It is one of the most difficult stage art formats because it is a non-visual art.  It is sophisticated and interactive requiring the entertainer to be highly skilled with the delicacies of the human mind and behavior, as well as, having superb showmanship and the ability to inspire and entertain.  The goal is to make the audience feel like they are undergoing a paranormal or kinetic experience, yet to take them in a journey into the mystery of the unexplained.

Is the Sixth Sense real?

As humans we are drawn to things we do not understand. It goes beyond logic and science to see someone read your mind (Telepathy), bend a spoon (Psychokinesis) or move things without touching (Telekinesis).  These skills can be used for entertainment, giving the audience a unique experience of the impossible.  But there are people that claim to be able to tell the future or heal you by using “mind power” alone.  Guy is not one of them.  

Guy Bavli does not read peoples futures or use any personal information in his keynote or live stage performances. Bavli uses his art and experience in order to entertain his audience, teach them and inspire; giving them an interactive experience of wonder as he explains how body language and human behavior is a big part of the Mind Games.  He is funny, inspiring and baffling!  Guy Bavli gives you a unique form of entertainment especially suitable for corporate events, conferences, VIP events for audiences who look for a stimulating form of entertainment.   

The concept of the sixth sense is out for debate. You will find those who believe and those who don’t. The beauty is not whether to believe, but to be entertained by watching a good mentalist.  Yes there are many tricks of the mind in magic, and many can be explained. However, the mind is a very powerful tool and most effects combine psychological elements with magic to create the experience of a real phenomenon. 

So, to answer the question if the Sixth Sense is real… the answer is “No”, not in the form of “Supernatural” way you see in the movies. However, if we are lucky enough to have all of our 5 senses (Sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) and we connect them all together, we can create the illusion of the Sixth Sense in a very human way.  

 Guy Bavli believes that LOVE is one form of a sixth sense. It is using all of our senses to FEEL something in our bodies.  We know that we love someone from within even if we do not see, touch or hear them.  We just FEEL it, sometimes even more than any of our other senses.  

INTUITION is another form of a sixth sense! Sometimes we have this strong gut feeling that we cannot explain. We just know it! The problem is that we do not always listen to our INTUITION. 

In Guy Bavli’s keynote speaking and appearances, not only does he take the audience on a journey into the secrets of the mind, he also opens their minds to possibilities. Yes there is Magic, Tricks and Illusions, but also the use of psychology, hypnosis and other modalities that teaches us to recognize the powerful abilities of the human mind and how it affects our daily lives, and more how can we use it to our benefit to be better.   

The experience of a good mentalist is different for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you believe or not, hiring a good mentalist will elevate your corporate event to a new level. They will not only be awestruck.  Your guests will be stimulated, inspired and above all motivated to be better!  Whether it is in sales, customer relations management or team building, Guy Bavli will definitely deliver beyond your expectations.

Give your Corporate event audience the Best: 

Guy Bavli is a highly acclaimed Mentalist and Entertainer who performs and speaks for audiences all around the world. His goal is to inspire, and to take his audience to a world where the impossible is possible, where they are the stars of the show.  The show is interactive, funny and involves many mind games and psychological phenomena’s such as mind reading, telekinesis, predictions, remote viewing, hypnosis and lots of smart humor. It is like hiring a Comedian, Mentalist and Motivational speaker in one!  Guy Bavli will take your event and make it unique for your esteemed audience!

Leave your logic at the door, and let Guy Bavli to open your mind to the possibilities and show you how we can always do more that we think we can. 

Real or not… its not the point. Entertaining and inspiring?  100 percent!