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Guy Bavli grew up in Israel, a country that has been at war practically throughout its existence.  However the Israeli people never stopped living, loving, singing, dancing, laughing and smiling!  Guy soon realized the power of existence, success and love. A smile! It will change the way you choose to live your life.  It is easy to be bitter, angry, and vengeful — but a smile  helps you recover, regenerate, overcome, and live!

Guy Bavli believes that a smile can create a profound positive change, in oneself and in our community. It can relieve one of sadness, open doors to opportunities, and sometimes even cure or prevent sickness.  A smile a day can truly keep the doctor away, as it chemically changes our composition and lowers our stress levels.   A smile has the power to single-handedly change perception—getting us the job of our dreams and finding the love of our life.  It changes us for the better.  We can carry it with us everywhere we go and it is FREE!

Guy Bavli has dedicated his life showing the world the power of our mind. A world-renowned mentalist, Guy has a real dedication for demonstrating how we all hold the power. Guy Bavli shares his passion for the smile in a candid, genuine and love-for-life voice, while backing it up with sound research and scientific studies.  SMILE FOR A CHANGE will leave you in awe of your smile and empowered like never before.   No one can make a case for the smile better than Guy Bavli, a mentalist on a mission to create profound change in the world with a winning smile.



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