Real Reviews On Master Of The Mind From Clients Celebrities Media Outlets

Top Celebrities Talk About Guy

“Astonishing… this is not on TV this was in front of my eyes.”

Sir Roger Moore – Actor,  007 James Bond

“I am amazed how he could read my mind…”

Sophia Loren – Beauty Queen, Actress

“Thank you for being the only real thing.It was amazing and I am still freaking out.”

Raven Simone – Actress: Disney Channel

Guy is the real deal – he freaks me out!!!

Ross Mathews:  The tonight show – NBC

“You are Fantastic – the audience obviously loved you”

Tim Vincent  Access Hollywood – MSNBC

“I want to know how you could predict the election results… Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!”

Dan Shilon – Channel 2 (Israel)

I am very skeptic, but after meeting with Guy Bavli, I am stunned! I loved him and I loved his message!

Lynn Martinez: Deco Drive – FOX

"The spoon started bending and moving, this is crazy…"

Dayna Devon Emmy-award winning journalist & Co-host – Extra

“Bavli thrill and amaze crowds…”

ShowBiz Magazine Entertainment, Las Vegas. (USA)

“Wow!!! Guy really is fantastic!”

Barry Gibb – (Bee Gees)

“It is crazy he bent a spoon in my hand – never saw something like it..”

Frankie J – Singer (Mexico)

Top Artists Talk About Guy

"Guy is a wonderful practitioner in the art."

Criss Angel – Mind Freak, A&E

"Guy is a MASTER in mind over matter, there is an Enigmatic Personality in him. He is an amazing performer!"

Uri Geller: Celebrity Mystifier & author (UK)

“Guy is clearly one of the top practitioners of mentalism in the world today.”

Lance Burton: Master Magician, Monte Carlo hotel and casino Las Vegas NV (USA)

"Guy, We truly are thankful, for providing the highest quality of entertainment for our members and guests, you were sensational."

Dale R Hindman President -The Academy of Magical Arts, INC.

"Guy Bavli is the best performing artist in his field of Mind reading magic and we are totally impressed with his talent."

Deane Leon – President, Speakers Corner Entertainment – Germany

Top Companies Talk About Guy

"Guy did a project team celebration event for us that was done virtually over Google Meet and the team LOVED every minute of it. Guy was funny, engaging, and personalized his show to the project and the team members. His feats of mentalism blew people away leaving everyone with their mouths agape in wonder and had everyone chatting online about "how did he do that?”

Alex D.: Global Director – Google Cloud Support

"I saw Mr. Bavli perform and was immediately impressed by his extraordinary skills. Recognizing his unique talent, I booked him for what would be the first of many appearances at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Caesars caters to an international customer base that expects to see the world’s top entertainment. Guy exceeded our expectations and never failed to amaze our audience with his very original appearances."

Director of Entertainment, Caesars World Entertainment. Las Vegas, NV (USA)

“I just want to thank you so much for the wonderful show. I’m getting non-stop phone calls and e-mails saying how this was our best event EVER! The problem is the expectations now for any future events will be impossible to meet.”

Dr. Mel Gober, DDS, CEO of Town Care Dental Group.

"Dear Guy, I would like to thank you for your impressing show at our company event. You found the way to our audience, touched their heart and caused a big smile on their face."

Aviva Roset Marketing Manager- TBC – Telrad Business Communication Ltd.

"Incredible, Unbelievable… This is an amazing power of the mind…"

Don Francisco – This is an amazing power of mind.