Guy Bavli, the perfect keynote speaker for your next corporate event

On top of being a world-class mentalist and corporate entertainer, Guy Bavli is a certified Clinical hypnotherapist (CCHT), human mind expert and an author, making him the perfect keynote speaker for your next corporate event. His unique life story and stimulating presentation skills make him an ideal candidate to educate, motivate, and inspire audiences at your next conference or meeting. Beyond just inspiring words, Bavli delivers live demonstrations, connecting your audience to the experience.

Often Guy Bavli custom the topics to fit your need by mixing his keynote program into a unique one Motivational Speaker program that will target your audience. From Sales, to Communication, Customer Service and how all can be managed if you know how to tap into the power of your mind.
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Bavli Keynote Speaking Topics:


“Excel at your Work”

How can you excel at your work? Guy Bavli will show you how to achieve professional excellence and take your career to the next level. Interactive, informative, funny, and inspiring the program features multiple live demonstrations. The simple hacks will inspire your organization to go further, faster, and reach higher as a team. Interactive, informative, funny, and inspiring, this talk includes demonstrations that will connect your organization with each other and grow as a family.


“The Power of Hypnosis”

Guy Bavli (CCHT) delves into one of the most effective yet least talked about ways to enrich your life–hypnosis. Through his experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Bavli discusses how hypnosis works, the history, different kinds of hypnosis, its myths and misconceptions, and the specific remedies it offers you. Most importantly he will illuminate how to use hypnosis to benefit your personal and professional goals. Confidence, prosperity, focus, and better communication are just a few of the benefits hypnosis offers, and Bavli will show you how.


“The Power of Smile”

Based on Guy Bavli’s best-selling book, “Smile for a Change” is an inspiring talk on the power of a smile and its inner secrets that can change your life! First impressions count and a simple tweak of a muscle can be your key to success.A smile can open doors, build relationship and close deals. A smile is the most powerful tool that can make you and the people surrounding you happier and more trusting. A smile can make YOU look and feel better! A fascinating program that will take you through the history of the smile, its clinical benefits to our health, the perception of the smile, how to make your smile your everyday outfit, and how we can use it to benefit and enhance our lives!


“Secrets of the Mind”

What hidden powers exist within? How can we use them to our advantage? Guy Bavli explores the undiscovered capabilities of our minds using personal stories and demonstrations of body language, the power of suggestion and subliminal communication. What is the Sixth Sense, and how can we tap into our minds to unleash it? Bavli will discuss how to harness that power to exceed your goals and obtain business and personal success.

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