How To Find a Corporate Entertainer For Your Next Event

Amazing corporate events take time and thorough planning to execute. Meticulous preparation goes on behind the scenes to give a great time to the guests.

Whether you’re planning an employee appreciation party, an all staff corporate banquet, a corporate marketing event or an executive meeting, the key to delighting your guests is booking a fantastic corporate entertainer.

Here are some tips to help you book great entertainment and create an unforgettable experience for your corporate event.

Planning a great corporate event:

Corporate events are planned in phases. Begin with brainstorming to organize ideas. 

  • What kind of event is it? What is the purpose of this event?
  • What kind of experience would you like your guests to have? 
  • What is the theme?
  • How big is your event? Intimate or larger scale? 

The answers to these questions should serve as a good jump-off point to plan your corporate event. 

Most events basically have the same elements: Banquet room, food or hors d’oeuvres and someone from the company speaking about the goals or the achievements.  

In order to make a corporate event memorable and impactful, a professional Entertainer or Keynote speaker is truly essential! Guy Bavli will be the difference between just an event to an event that people will not only talk about, but one that actually creates positive change.  Whether it is for bonding, team building, motivating, showing gratitude, or even just celebrating Holidays together, your event will do more than checkmark an obligation.  It will make your employees feel appreciated, inspired and invigorated to do better. To be better. This reflects directly on your company and the results you will achieve.

Once you have identified the basic framework of your event, you can now make it a reality.

Do some corporate event research

Look into venues, catering, entertainment, and rental equipment.

You can choose to delegate the event to one of your staff members, or to hire an event planner to do it for you. If you choose to do it yourself, as many do, make sure you choose someone from within your organization who has some experience in event planning and understands the fundamental of planning a corporate party or event.

  • Reason you are doing the event? (Party? Appreciation? Marketing? Informative?)
  • Theme? Is it just an event or do we have a theme we would like to address the event with?
  • Is it only for your team? Or spouses are also welcome?
  • What locations would serve well for the event you are planning? 
  • What type of VIP corporate entertainer will please your crowd? 
  • Who is available to perform for your corporate event date?

Once you have gathered this information, you’re that much closer to hosting an unforgettable corporate event. Simple enough right? 

Corporate event setting

Pick a location that lends itself well to the corporate entertainment you are seeking. Start to think about what feasible entertainment for this specific location would be. 

Often corporate event planning goes haywire as the logistics of entertainment is tossed to the wayside. 

Keep in mind: simplicity is key. Opt for entertainment that is simple and requires limited set up. Look for event locations equipped with things like ramps for accessibility, and electricity for performances.

Corporate event guests

Who is attending the event?

Consider demographics like age, and general interest. Often, corporate event entertainment is not well-aligned with the demographic of the event guests and limits event enjoyment for all attendees. Be sure to really think about what guests would be interested in.

How many people are attending?

Certain types of corporate entertainment do not lend themselves well to certain audiences. Some performances are meant to be experienced in small intimate settings, and others in large theater settings. 

Corporate event budget

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and overzealous in corporate party planning. Try to go into the corporate event planning process with a basic idea of your budget. This way, as you conduct your research, you can do some rough math to stay on target.

The major areas to spend from your event budget from the most essential to the least: 

  • Venue
  • Talent or corporate entertainment / keynote speaker
  • Food and drinks
  • A/V (Audio visual equipment)
  • Decoration 

Keep these areas of expenses in mind during the corporate party planning process. Remember to allocate some funds to unexpected costs as well, usually 10% is the standard but 20% will be safer! 

Booking a great corporate entertainer

The key to a truly fantastic corporate event is hiring great corporate entertainment.

By this point in the planning process, you have a general idea of the event, where it will be, and what the audience would be interested in. Corporate events. Conferences and Management parties typically consist of groups of educated individuals who like to think. Consider booking corporate entertainment that will stimulate thought, growth, and new perspectives for your audience, without compromising fun and laughs.

Find an event entertainer who can align with your guests and not only wow them, but also excites them!

Tips for booking corporate entertainment

Corporate Mentalist, Entertainer and Keynote speaker, Guy Bavli,  gives few important points on how to choose a GOOD Corporate entertainer for your event.

Review your entertainer! “I cannot stress enough how important it is to research any talent or entertainment you plan to employ”, says Bavli. Look them up online and read through reviews and testimonials. Ensure that both guest feedback and hiring agencies had pleasant and professional experiences both during the show but also before and after. 

In our age and time, where online is so accessible and easy to promote, many entertainers can look great on screen in a 1 min promo video. But watching them perform for about an hour and maintaining the attention and enjoyment of the viewers is not the same as a really good promo.  Experience and Personality is the key!

It is essential to hire a Corporate Entertainer that has years of experience and a track record with videos from TV or Live performances that are more than just one minute!

Listen, or read reviews about this Entertainer or keynote speaker and make sure you connect to his personality and the programs that he offers. 

– Ask entertainers for recent material. Watch videos of past shows or TV appearances. Check that the content is clean and professional while offering that wow factor for your guests. 

– Don’t be afraid to ask for references. 

– It is ok to ask for the show to be custom tailored to your corporate event needs and the interests of your corporate party guests. 

How much should a good Keynote speaker or Corporate Entertainer cost?

Budget is always of the essence; however, price does reflect on quality.

Although you can find entertainers and speakers at all range of prices, the price in most cases reflects the quality, track record, exposure and experience of the Entertainer or speaker. 

One way to make sure you have the budget to hire an esteemed Entertainer or Keynote speaker is to budget your event correctly. “Many times,” says Guy Bavli, “clients start to search for the entertainment when their budget is nearly maxed, and the event date is soon!”  That is why it is important to start with the venue and then the entertainment.  

The best is to put the focus on what people will remember when the event is over. What will be 2 main things they will go home with and talk about?  The answer is simple:

  1. The name of the company and its purpose / message!
  2. The experience they had and in 99% of times it is the Entertainment or the superb Keynote speaker that inspired and made the event special!

Many events are planned with expensive catering and decoration (flowers, table tops etc).  Guy Bavli asks… “If you think about the last 3 events you went to, do you remember the menu? Do you remember how many flowers you had on the table? Do you remember if you had a choice of 3 or 6 main courses to choose from?  In most cases the answer is NO.” 

But you WILL remember the entertainment you had and the unique experience 100%!

So, budget your entertainment FIRST and follow the rest after, this will ensure you to have a great conference or corporate party! 

Customized corporate entertainment to WOW with the Master of the Mind

Our specialty is providing fantastic corporate entertainment for people who like to be stimulated.

A show with Mentalist & Speaker Guy Bavli is tailored to meet your corporate event needs. 

Hiring a good Mentalist such as Bavli, is a perfect choice for any corporate event. Unlike other forms of entertainers, a Mentalist is someone who combines humor, with psychological games to not only entertain your guests but also to interact, connect and stimulate them with inspiring subliminal messages. “Such messages,” says Bavli “can be tailored by the client to be incorporated into the presentation.”  

Guy will work with your event planning team to create a custom mentalism show that is professional and aligned with event attendee interest. Guy is versatile and passionate about bringing the right show to the right audience. He’ll help you wow guests and offer an incredible corporate party experience.  Watch many of Guy Bavli’s videos here!

Another advantage of hiring Guy Bavli, is that he can do the Entertainment for your event, as well as, slots of Keynote speaking during the day. Bundling between both will definitely be cost effective.

Time to (in – corporate) a party!

Now that you have taken all the proper steps in planning your corporate event, it’s time to party!

Corporate events are meant to be a real treat for guests. Go big, book an awesome venue, cater the event to your audience, and remember: the key to delighting your guests is finding a fantastic corporate entertainer. 

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