Are you in the process of planning your next live corporate event? Conference? Or VIP Party? If yes, then you surely must be looking for ways to create a hype about it so that it’s as successful as can be. We see many businesses who do a great job of allotting sizeable budgets for good entertainment at their corporate events, only to not allocate it correctly in the right places.

What’s important is to ensure the entertainment is so good, people will take back wonderful memories of it home and will remember it for long. Fact is that business often exploit budgets, spending more than they should on elaborate centerpieces, lavish flower arrangements and food varieties.

But the thing is no one remembers what they ate, the flower species on their table and the centerpieces that lined the venue. What people are most likely to remember is what the motivational entertainer or speaker discussed, how entertaining the event was and how amazing or not the entire experience felt.

When it comes to creating hype for your corporate event, you’d do well by booking the right headliner entertainment. Spending on your corporate entertainer is the best way to seal success for your live corporate events. Considering the role the professionals play in making corporate events successful, it is no wonder why they charge so many dollars.

What the Expert Says

Guy Bavli is one of the top corporate motivational entertainers and mentalists in the industry with over 500 TV appearances and is in top demand among corporate conferences. He believes that the proven track record of corporate mentalists is what makes so successful for live corporate events.

He suggests that having nice decoration, decent music and good food is important to hosting a qualitative event. But what makes it a smashing success is top entertainment. You must book an entertainer who will guarantee to blow your audiences away and engage everyone with mind games. That’s why Mentalist can be a fantastic choice for your corporate gathering.  It is important that your entertainer will have some TV experience and footage that you can promote it prior the event on the social medias on conference website. This will bring the expectation for the event and make your guest excited to attend.

These professionals ensure that all the guests at a corporate event have a highly engaging and memorable time. This is the simplest formula for ensuring every live event a company hosts is a resounding success.

With that said, here are some other ways for creating the right level of hype for your upcoming live corporate event.

  • Running teaser campaigns, like releasing tiny content snippets on social media. For instance, posting a ‘coming soon’ image on your landing pages will intrigue your audience enough to keep them coming back for more details and stirring excitement.
  • Positing incredible blogs about your upcoming live corporate event, such as introducing your guest corporate entertainer or motivational speaker for the evening.
  • Running a countdown on your social media pages with short posts accompanying it daily is a great way to rouse anticipation
  • Running polls, surveys or questionnaires on your social media pages to invite suggestions from guests for what they want to experience in your future events, although we will suggest to do it after the event to get your feedback for next year!