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We’re living in the virtual age, where all our physical socialization and events have moved online. While certainly a convenience and a smart way of continuing life, moving all things online is not as easy and seamless as it sounds.

This is especially true for entrepreneurs and people from the business world, who have to organize corporate events virtually and manage a large number of attendees successfully. There are more distractions and chances of failure in virtual meets, but we are here with some top ideas to save your event from that fate.

Are you ready to take down notes? Let’s begin:

  1. Start with a concrete agenda for your event particularly that will relate to your employees or target audience. Is it a new project or revolution the business world is heading for? Are there latest adaptations in technology that your business niche will benefit from? Whatever the purpose, make sure it is clear, constructive and relevant enough to captivate the audience.
  2. Audiences can easily lose focus and interest in virtual events because often they’re not as engaging, fun and interactive as personal meets are. So what do you do to keep them hooked throughout the course of the event? You hire a virtual mentalist, a psychic entertainer or a corporate mentalist to wow your audience! Make it your ultimate goal to make the event more fun and engaging and you can do so by hiring VIP private entertainers. The advantage with a top mentalist is that it is a fully interactive session. They’re the professionals who tend to engage and read the audience’s mind through the screen and that earns a bigger WOW from the crowd than other virtual entertainment forms.
  3. Picking the right virtual platform is highly crucial for your event to be successful. Technical glitches are inevitable but by using the best platform, you will have a seamless streaming experience. According to one of the world’s top Virtual Mentalists Guy Bavli, Zoom is the preferred platform because it allows for the utmost interaction and control:

“Yes, it is possible to use other platforms”, says Guy Bavli “But make sure to check with your virtual entertainer if he is able to maximize his system to allow all the production value you as a client want to see!”

  1. Being more organized and meticulous helps make virtual events successful too. For this, you must clearly mark the timings for each segment, advertise the time and date of the event well and provide clear agenda. In the days preceding the virtual event, make sure to keep sending links and reminders to participants so that they stay updated too.
  2. According to Motivational Mentalist Guy Bavli, choosing the right virtual entertainment is crucial. Make sure you check the Bio of the performer, his past clients and reviews. Then make sure you see some videos for an insight of what you will get in your event. In most cases, price does confirm quality so if it’s too good to be true, you should think twice!
  3. Just like physical events, virtual events too rely largely on moderators to be successful. You must ensure to organize enough moderators who will tackle everything expertly online, be there to assist the participants and maintain an overall air of positivity.

Final Thoughts

Virtual events are the new norm, especially for the corporate world. However, hosting successful events online require many skills and features, including time management, a clear agenda and smart use of technology amongst others.