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Look No Further. Here’s Why . . .

If you’re looking for something different, a premium entertainment experience, you are in the right place. Here’s something special. A personalized entertainment experience full of surprises.

Live VIRTUAL Shows

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Live VIRTUAL Shows

Guy Bavli delivers world-class private and corporate entertainment online to thrill audiences and bring a world of difference to your business events.

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Live Venue Shows

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Live Venue Shows

Guy Bavli performs in person like no other entertainer. If you want your audience spellbound, and left with a lasting memory then learn more here.

What is A Virtual Show?

Is it really engaging?


You might be asking… can you really read my mind through the screen?

That is because virtual shows are interactive! Which means your guests get to participate just as if you were together in person in a real venue.

Guy has performed more than 1200 shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and the major casinos worldwide. He regularly performed to top fortune 500 companies in their corporate events.

He took all of the great moments of live performances and distilled the experience into a perfectly adapted format that is truly mesmerizing.
And now you can bring a headliner performer into your virtual conference.

FUN FACTS of what makes Guy’s Virtual Mind Reading Show a one of a kind experience:

  • The show is streamed from Guy’s Multi Camera Studio which means that you will feel the intimate moment from every angle
  • The show will make you feel like you are watching a TV Special where the headliner just jumped out of the screen 
  • The show includes video clips, transitions and fast pace visual effects so you know people will be truly sitting at the edge of their seats

What is A Virtual Show?

Imagine a live conference that includes a dynamic headliner performing an exciting show in the Gala night… 
Now compress all of this into one virtual screen. 
Is that even possible to capture the excitement and the interaction with the audience and create an event that is completely magical and unique virtually?
It is!
You can hold the same level of interaction and immersive experience VIRTUALLY.


When you book Guy Bavli to entertain in your Virtual Event, he will be bringing his vast experience. Guy has over 30 years experience doing over 500 TV appearances on all major networks in 60 countries world wide. He has designed an excitement-packed Virtual Show – and can perform just for YOU and your guests. 

Some of our clients

Top Celebrities Talk About Guy


“Astonishing… this is not on TV this was in front of my eyes.”

Sir Roger Moore – Actor,  007 James Bond


“I am amazed how he could read my mind…”

Sophia Loren – Beauty Queen, Actress


“Thank you for being the only real thing.It was amazing and I am still freaking out.”

Raven Simone – Actress: Disney Channel


Guy is the real deal – he freaks me out!!!

Ross Mathews:  The tonight show – NBC


“You are Fantastic – the audience obviously loved you”

Tim Vincent  Access Hollywood – MSNBC


“I want to know how you could predict the election results… Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!”

Dan Shilon – Channel 2 (Israel)


I am very skeptic, but after meeting with Guy Bavli, I am stunned! I loved him and I loved his message!

Lynn Martinez: Deco Drive – FOX


"The spoon started bending and moving, this is crazy…"

Dayna Devon Emmy-award winning journalist & Co-host – Extra


“Bavli thrill and amaze crowds…”

ShowBiz Magazine Entertainment, Las Vegas. (USA)


“Wow!!! Guy really is fantastic!”

Barry Gibb – (Bee Gees)


“It is crazy he bent a spoon in my hand – never saw something like it..”

Frankie JSinger (Mexico)

When You Think You’ve Seen It All . . .Think again!

 Guy’s presentation is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s eye-popping good fun! And when it comes to how the audience feels at the end of the show – it’s very inspiring and motivating to learn how we can unleash the potential of the human mind.

Maybe that’s why companies rebook Guy Bavli again and again for another show with all new material. One dose of Guy’s acts is never enough. But he swears never to hypnotize anybody into rebooking his show!

Book Guy Bavli for one of the following:

So who is Guy Bavli, Master of the Mind?

A world renowned Mentalist and Entertainer who YOU can hire for your VIP event. He’s traveled the world over the past 30 years presenting his mesmerizing show of psychic entertainment for spellbound audiences. Clients who traditionally book his shows are leaders of organizations and their strategic guests. Now YOU can book Guy Bavli to perform a customized Live in person or Virtual Show for your private or corporate audience. You’ll love it – and so will your guests.

How will you feel after guy's show?

How will you feel after Guy’s show?

One thing is certain - you will feel like you have experienced a game changer. Boosted by the energy, clever humor and and unbelievable acts of hidden powers. Let Guy take you on a wonderful escape from reality. You may never want to come back!
Leave your logic at the door... and take a walk on the MIND side!

The History Channel and Stan Lee called Guy Bavli, ‘Superhuman’

The History Channel and Stan Lee called Guy Bavli, ‘Superhuman’

Guy performs amazing superhuman acts. What else can we call them when we see Guy’ Virtual Kinetics act - touching a virtual image and making that object move in reality. But he insists, “I am just like you. Every 5 years old with 30 years of experience can do what I do.”

Casinos and Theatres Choice of Mentalist

Casinos and Theatres Choice of Mentalist

1200 shows at the home of entertainment, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. FIVE years as headline act at the famous Alhambra Casino in Aruba. Plus, "I've lost count" of the number of performances at other theaters, casinos and performing arts centers worldwide.

book guy 1

A smile a day can truly keep the doctor away,

as it chemically changes our composition and lowers our stress levels.

Amazed People Are Saying . . .


"Guy is a wonderful practitioner in the art."

Criss Angel – Mind Freak, A&E


"Guy is a MASTER in mind over matter, there is an Enigmatic Personality in him. He is an amazing performer!"

Uri Geller: Celebrity Mystifier & author (UK)


“Guy is clearly one of the top practitioners of mentalism in the world today.”

Lance Burton: Master Magician, Monte Carlo hotel and casino Las Vegas NV (USA)


Guy, We truly are thankful, for providing the highest quality of entertainment for our members and guests, you were sensational.

Dale R Hindman President -The Academy of Magical Arts, INC.


Guy Bavli is the best performing artist in his field of Mind reading magic and we are totally impressed with his talent.

Deane Leon – President, Speakers Corner Entertainment – Germany

4 Reasons To Book Guy Bavli, Master of the Mind

Just like clients across 60 countries who have booked him over the past 30 years. 



Spellbinding feats of psychic entertainment that will leave your audience literally gasping with excitement and amazement. You simply are at the edge of your seat.



 Your guests will be as actively involved in the show. Even in Virtual Shows people feel as if they were with Guy on stage and in person. Both Virtual and In Person Shows are equally HIGHLY interactive and



100% customized show to suit almost any unique requests or message. You will be absolutely, positively satisfied beyond all belief by the level of tailoring of your messages within the show.



 Guy only reads “good thoughts”. You only get a totally safe and clean demonstration of mind reading which baffles brains and defies logic!

Skeptics, Doubters & Disbelievers


More Reviews . . .


"Guy did a project team celebration event for us that was done virtually over Google Meet and the team LOVED every minute of it. Guy was funny, engaging, and personalized his show to the project and the team members. His feats of mentalism blew people away leaving everyone with their mouths agape in wonder and had everyone chatting online about "how did he do that?”

Alex D.: Global Director – Google Cloud Support


“I just want to thank you so much for the wonderful show. I’m getting non-stop phone calls and e-mails saying how this was our best event EVER! The problem is the expectations now for any future events will be impossible to meet.”

Dr. Mel Gober, DDS, CEO of Town Care Dental Group.


"That was absolutely sensational. Thank you so much for not only the entertainment, but all the passion you put into helping the synagogue and keeping everyone so riveted during the performance. It really was awesome. I’m looking forward to relaying the success to my professional list ...so many looking for something like this!!!”

Rabbi Adam Watstein.


Dear Guy, I would like to thank you for your impressing show at our company event. You found the way to our audience, touched their heart and caused a big smile on their face.

Aviva Roset Marketing Manager- TBC – Telrad Business Communication Ltd.


Incredible, Unbelievable… This is an amazing power of the mind…

Don Francisco – This is an emaizing power of mund.


I saw Mr. Bavli perform and was immediately impressed by his extraordinary skills. Recognizing his unique talent, I booked him for what would be the first of many appearances at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Caesars caters to an international customer base that expects to see the world’s top entertainment. Guy exceeded our expectations and never failed to amaze our audience with his very original appearances.

Director of Entertainment, Caesars World Entertainment. Las Vegas, NV (USA)

Which Show Suits Your Needs?




Live VENUE Show

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Live VENUE Show

Gallery of wonders

guy laptop

Virtual Is The New Reality – We’re In This Together

Under the current circumstances of which most of us around the globe are facing – we must remain vigilant in keeping ourselves and those under our responsibility safe, while maintaining, as best we can, a sense of fun, involvement, and motivation.

That’s why I’ve created a Live Virtual Show to be experienced directly through the convenience of your computer screen, tablet or mobile phone. Virtual shows for your special VIP events, Virtual Conferences, Webinars and Virtual Team Building. Today you can experience my show LIVE with only the quick click of a button. It’s that easy!

guy virtual img 1

Hurry! Book My Live VIRTUAL Show

The word is spreading across the globe! Here’s what you can expect:

  • LIVE Interactive Virtual show for small to large audiences. Participate directly from the comfort and convenience of your online screen.
  • Interactive, high energy performance proven to have your guests laughing ‘til it hurts!
  • Includes Mind Reading, Telekinesis, Psychological Illusions, Mind Games, and More!
  • Family rated entertainment suitable for all ages.
  • I’ll not only entertain you and your guests, but I’ll also deliver your key message at no extra fee. Let’s motivate, inspire, empower, and BLOW THE MIND OF YOUR AUDIENCE together.
  • My LIVE Virtual Show is as close to being ‘hands on’ with your guests, without actually being ‘hands on’.


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Live VENUE Show

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I Can Read Minds, But This Website Cannot

Send me your message.

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