Did you know that just because your team is remote, does not mean you cannot engage and boost morale to increase their loyalty and impact the quality of their work?

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How a virtual entertainer can spice up remote meetings

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When considering team building efforts, the most important aspect to connecting a team with the purpose of increasing engagement, is of course the free-flowing relationships held by the individual members and their leadership counterparts.

This can be achieved with far more simplicity in an office environment where there is the freedom to communicate face-to-face and where colleagues are neighboured in the same building, running into each other in the canteen, or finding themselves making coffee together in the kitchen.

It’s far easier to build relationships in an office setup.

But what if your team is remote, you’ve never seen them in person because they are located 3000 miles away, and they all work virtually?

Team building for remote workers can be far more complicated with members that do not attend work at the same venue or possibly even the same time, often working online from locations in entirely different areas or even remotely from across the world.

Remote teams greatly restrict the ability to communicate on a personal level and build the relationships necessary for a committed, loyal bond. Instead, remote teams are usually disconnected from each other. To this end, getting to know them and trying to create employee engagement requires a little more effort and creativity.

For remote teams, virtual meetings are a necessary evil to be endured, and they don’t do much to foster relations. Instead, most of your team can’t wait to click the “bye” button so they can get to something more interesting.

So what’s the solution?

Well (and you probably didn’t even know there was something like a virtual entertainer!), Guy Bavli does not require face-to-face interaction to create an impact. Distance does not interfere with his ability to create an interactive and immersive event that is both exciting and enjoyable.

How does it work? At your next virtual meeting, simply increase the attentiveness of your remote workforce with a twenty minute presentation by an interactive mind-reading show to break the ice! There can’t be anything more entertaining or interesting to start off a business meeting.

Tip: just after Guy Bavli has entertained your remote team, open up the meeting for a discussion that enables you all to get to know one another.

You may wish to provide a full blown event to connect, engage and boost the morale of the team as a thank-you-for-your-hard-work gift that allows them to break free from reality for an hour; Guy Bavlis’ awe inspiring virtual magician show is a magnificent way for your team to bond.

How a virtual mentalist can kick off a holiday and increase employee performance

The best companies to work for understand that the workplace must be a place to have fun. But this is the minority. Many companies consider the fact that they pay their staff to be enough. They are wrong. A salary – no matter how high – does nothing to keep employees loyal and committed.

Instead of being the company that everyone can’t wait to run away from at the end of day, if you were to provide an immersive environment where employees feel engaged and valued, they would stay with you longer, and perform more efficiently.

There are so many statistics to prove that engaged employees are the hardest workers.

Giving your remote team the gift of a Guy Bavlis’ epic virtual magician show provides an opportunity for the team to connect and engage, which in turn produces a keen mentality towards the business. In addition, a skilled online entertainer such as Guy Bavli has the ability to host a virtual event that can be used by the company in any creative manner.

Get in touch with Guy Bavli who can help you brainstorm ways to use virtual entertainment as a way to increase employee performance and loyalty.