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You might be asking yourself, “Can a virtual show be as effective as an in-person show,” or “Can a virtual event be as effective as an in-person event?” Unfortunately, the answer is a bit more complicated than you would expect. Fortunately, there are many reasons why an online showing would prove more beneficial.


  • Cost-Effective
  • Safe
  • Flexible
  • It can be very interactive and entertaining if you choose the right virtual show to connect people from anywhere around the world.
  • Boost morale where people may need it


  •    Losing Personal Networking in exchange for other excitements.

Virtual shows can be as impactful as in-person events when watching a professional headliner, such as famous mentalist Guy Bavli, perform in many virtual meetings and conferences. So, how is it even possible to read your mind or perform such an interactive event on a virtual platform? Of course, you will have to watch him in action to understand, but i must say that after experiencing it, it is mind-boggling.

Guy Bavli Virtual Creativity 1We couldn’t believe how cost-efficient virtual events can be.

One detail to be highlighted is how undeniably cheaper it can be to host an online event when compared to on-site production. Regarding in-person occasions, you will need to take a plethora of details into account, such as venue, food and beverage catering, location, insurance, audiovisual equipment, parking, weather, and more. As a result, planning such events can range from thousands to peaking tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the occurrence. Whereas, when preparing a virtual event, you’ll usually only worry about the date and time, the platform you will run the event on, and the most costly but necessary will be your virtual entertainment.

But, it’s not only you who benefits financially; all participants are saving money through joining your online event. Everyone can let their wallets off the hook this time around. No flights, no hotel rooms to book, no hassle. Open your device, pour yourself a drink, and sit in a VIP place as everyone is VIP during a virtual show!

Personal safety above all else

Another reason why a virtual event can be as effective as an in-person event is directly related to your safety. Especially during the time of a pandemic, such as Covid-19, everyone’s well-being takes priority above all else. Therefore, many would prefer not to put themselves at risk by attending an in-person event or show.

Additionally, you are free of any outside forces disrupting the event. When a show is performed virtually, there is almost no way for any distractions/hindrances.

The flexibility is super-convenient

As previously mentioned, date and time are virtually all required when preparing an online show. Thus, the flexibility between personal schedules is much larger. In addition, most attendees won’t need to commute to any location. Guy Bavli would agree with this. There is no better time for a mentalist show, and virtual showings’ flexibility is a huge benefit.

Bavli, who performed hundreds of virtual shows for some of the biggest companies such as: Google, CIBC bank, Travel Bank, Nurx health, Idera Inc, and more, claim that there is nothing more cost-effective and impressive than a virtual show by a top mentalist who can read people’s mind via the screen and connect and boost their morale anywhere around the globe.

Also, the majority of people can choose their place to attend online. For instance, you could visit your favorite café or restaurant while accompanying a business meeting or social event.

Guy Bavli says that when performing a virtual conference while his guests are remotely working, he encourages them to join their families if they wish. This creates a together feeling and boost the energy of the participants.

The cons don’t outweigh the pros

First, everyone loses the ability to meet and network personally that’s experienced from a face-to-face event. And in-person events also have the advantage of spectacle, well, depending on your budget. It’s challenging to imitate the feeling of experiencing a unique dance concert, speech, or performance firsthand. But on a virtual platform, you have many pros that can quickly win the advantage.

In conclusion:

If you can and have the budget, the on-location event is excellent. However, if you want to get more people to attend, reduce your cost, and keep connecting to your audience, a virtual event with the right virtual Magic or Mind Reading performance can do the job!

Check out Master Mentalist Guy Bavli’s website for more information.