Make your Virtual Event

Memorable Interactive Exciting Dynamic Fun Stand Out Empowering A Stunning Success



What your virtual events need to overcome

We have ALL been through long boring conferences, workshops or webinars before – it’s so common to see people check their phones, fall asleep or worse… turn off their camera. Once you see these… you know you lost that person’s attention. But you don’t want to let that happen, right?

Adding content to your Virtual Event is essential, but sometimes feels like playing the roulette. You just don’t know if it will be a hit or a miss.


Here is what a virtual event need to do for us:

Stand out and get people to sign and show up

Make people excited to attend

Connect guests to each other and boost morale

Be engaging throughout the event

Ignite the creativity and inspire

Get people to talk about how amazing your event was

Finally – you need people to take action as a result of your event

So how do we get this dream-event come alive? It all starts by adding the right guy to elevate the atmosphere in the event.

Guy Bavli’s Virtual Mind Reading Show is the right guy at the right moment. Your great moment. So sit back, relax, and keep reading, because Guy’s Magical touch added to your virtual event can make that difference!

What is a Virtual Mind Reading Show?

Imagine adding a stimulating section to your virtual event. Suddenly everyone is energized, focused and united. Like a jolt of electricity suddenly we are all going through an experience together.

What makes a Virtual Show such a compelling add on to your event?

It’s FLEXIBLE – you can enjoy a great 15 minutes kick off to your event, add a wonderful memorable closing moment or you can even simply double down on the FUN factor of your event by giving your guest a full up to 60 minute stunning show.
It’s INTERACTIVE – unlike a traditional keynote or webinar in Guy’s virtual show the audience becomes the show. They participate, connect with each other, learn deep things about themselves, boost their creative thinking while being mesmerized.
It’s EMPOWERING – your messages. Your values. Your people. WILL shine. You and your guests, employees and event attendees will connect to their inner powers and learn how to unleash them.

What type of events can enjoy a Virtual Mind Reading Show?

All Hands On Deck meetings
Pitch Meetings
Product Launches
Virtual conferences
Online Conventions
Sales Meetings
And more!
Sales Training
Budget Meetings
Directors Meetings
No event is too big or too small! From 5 VIP executives to 5000 potential clients.

Virtual Mind Reading Show

You are here for a reason. Social distancing, regulations and the huge cost of in person events has taught us that Virtual is the way to go. But you want more for your virtual event. Let Guy help you make a decision that will put an end for the risk of a boring virtual event and differentiate you from others.

Guy Bavli’s show is different for three main reasons.

“Virtual is our new Reality” Guy Bavli


Why Virtual show

Guy studied the art of getting people engaged through the screen by performing on over 500 prime time TV shows in front of millions of viewers all around the world.

Each show was 100% unique, so not only did he learn to surprise and entertain through ANY screen size, but he also was able to reinvent the art of engaging thought the screen by making his presentation personal, inspiring and interactive.

Why Mind Reading

Because Mind Reading is all about connecting with people. Guy challenges and stimulates the mind with his interactive feats. Expect your guests to be randomly selected or the entire audience to participate all at once.

From Reading their thoughts, Memory and focus stunts, Predictions, Mathematical phenomena, Telekinesis, Bending of metal objects and much more… all while your guests will shake their heads saying: “How is that even possible, especially through the screen” Its Funny, Dynamic and Mind Boggling.

Why Guy Bavli

It’s simple: His Experience, Creativity, Charisma and Showmanship! It’s that extra fuel you needed, poured on your already smoking hot event. And if you need a good spark to the fire in the shape of a great kickoff bit – than Guy is your one.

Guy’s vast experience in corporate events, keynotes and lectures on stage, as well as his credentials as an Author makes him the right choice for your virtual corporate or private VIP event.

Guy is the type of person you would want to invite to your family gathering after hiring him or watching his show. He is down to earth, personal, humble yet different.

And the best part – you can get this unique entertainment for a much affordable price in comparison to in person cost. Take advantage of the situation and book Guy Now



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All of the following show options come with Guy joining your event live through his state of the art studio. That means you will get production levels that matches your company values.

15-20 minutes kick off for your Virtual Meeting

45-60 min – The Full Virtual Experience

Customize the Length – fit your needs

State of the art studio

Amazed People Are Saying . . .


"Guy did a project team celebration event for us that was done virtually over Google Meet and the team LOVED every minute of it. Guy was funny, engaging, and personalized his show to the project and the team members. His feats of mentalism blew people away leaving everyone with their mouths agape in wonder and had everyone chatting online about how did he do that?"

Alex D. Global Director – GOOGLE Cloud  Support


"My mind was blown away! The most interactive, entertaining Zoom event I have ever participated in. This fundraiser was a huge success for us! Thank you Guy for a wonderful show!"

Jamie Cohen, President of B’nai Aviv


"Guy Bavli performed for our association and our members are still raving! Guy is the one!"

Jalane Kellough, Executive Director, Electrical Generating Systems Association


"Guy's show at our Virtual employee appreciation day was SO much fun… Everyone had a BLAST! I love how interactive the entire thing is. He make it seem like we are so close to each other even though we are virtually far away. "

Kristina H. Recruiting Coordinator / Office Manager – Nurx

benefits of a virtual show


Cost effective - Fraction of the price with no travel costs


Connecting your guests and coworkers with each other


Psychological Mind Games of telepathy, mind over matter and Telekinesis


Highly interactive and super dynamic


Boosting the morale and energizing your group


Ignites creativity and out of the box thinking


You sit and relax - let us do the rest

Live VENUE Show

Are you looking for a Virtual Keynote Speaker or Lecturer:

Knowledge is POWER! Feeding Information with Positivity is Fuel to SUCCESS.
Choose a Topic Below, or Have Guy Bavli Create a Custom Blend presentation For Your virtual event Needs.
SMILE FOR A CHANGE: Based on Guy Bavli’s book: “Smile for a Change” a high energy talk about the power of a Smile, and how it can affect our lives. Guy reveals the History of Smile. What happens in our brains when we smile. Why a smile can change our feelings in less than 5 seconds. How we can adapt it to our lives, relationships, business, sales and more.
THE POWER OF CHANGE IS IN YOU: Guy Bavli, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHT), invites you to dive into one of the most effective ways to enrich your potential – Hypnosis. In an Interactive and humorous way, Bavli discusses how hypnosis works, the history, types of hypnosis, its myths and misconceptions and the remedies it offers. How to use self-hypnosis to benefit your goals: from confidence, prosperity, procrastination, focus, sales habits and more.
Guy has more topics of lectures that can motivate and inspire your attendees. To learn more about Guy’s keynote lectures click here:

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