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Guy Bavli’s live Master of the Mind® performance offers everything you expect from a headlining act and more. A combination of humor, danger, romance, mind magic and suspense mixed with audio visuals are guaranteed to captivate audiences of all ages and leave them belly laughing and buzzing long after the final curtain call.
With his world famous mind illusions and psychic-mentalist performances, Guy Bavli takes live entertainment to amazing new heights and provides an experience unlike anything audiences have ever seen before.

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Corporate Events

Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind® is a world-renowned psychic entertainer and presenter who takes entertainment to a completely new level.

Delta Airlines, Cisco, Coca Cola, Princess, IBM, Jaguar, Essilor, Babyliss, Vocal Tech, MetLife, Volvo, WS Invention, ProMedico, Fir Tree, Agfa, Microsoft, are just a few of the long list of companies who have enjoyed Guy Bavli’s unique brand of entertainment at their esteemed corporate events.

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Private & VIP Parties

Give your guests a VIP experience with an up-close and personal Guy Bavli performance.
Guy Bavli is a hilarious mentalist and entertainer who has travelled the world taking audiences of all kinds on a journey into the magical mystery of the human mind.
Using mind illusion, telekinesis, ESP and audience interaction, Guy Bavli is able to connect with audience members on a deeply personal level that is like no other performer in the field.

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Motivational & Keynote Speaker

Motivational keynote speaker Guy Bavli has the rare ability to connect with others and 3 decades of examining the human mind, makes Guy Bavli an ideal motivational Keno speaker.

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Guy Bavli CHT (a certified Hypnotherapist) is an award-winning presenter and an expert of the human mind. He is a master of communication and life experience creates the ideal outlet to educate and motivate others in many areas of the human mind.

Guy Bavli is available to give lectures on hypnotherapy and the power of the human mind, as well as a variety of other topics that can be customized to suit specific needs. His wide range of experience, and knowledge combined with his entertainment background make him a unique and versatile keno speaker, lecturer and motivational speaker who can captivate audiences of all ages.

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TV & Media Appearances

Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind®, known for his exciting and awe-inspiring kinetic and psychic entertainment, has been featured on over 400 television shows worldwide. He starred in the NBC hit series, Phenomenon, and was featured on Stan Lee’s Superhuman. He has demonstrated his intriguing abilities on Masters of Illusion, numerous times in Latin’s biggest TV show: Sabado Gigante with Don Francisco and has been featured around the globe in television appearances in nearly every language.

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Marketing & Publicity Stunts

In today’s competitive world of business, there is nothing more important than creating buzz for your product.

If you want consumers to remember your brand you need to impressive them in a way that is memorable and talk provoking. The age-old marketing tactics are no longer enough to generate a sale, and your competitors are working daily to come up with new tricks that will grab your customer’s attention.

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Fundraisers & Charity Events

Guy Bavli is a dynamic and unique mentalist and entertainer who can take any event and turn it into an astounding, emotion-filled experience.
When it comes to fundraising, entertainment is everything. Quality performances can make or break an event and will be the deciding factor for those looking to support your cause.

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