“Bavli thrill and amaze crowds…”
ShowBiz Magazine – Entertainment, Las Vegas. (USA)

“Incredible, Unbelievable… This is an amazing power of the mind…”

Don Francisco – Univision

“We never saw something like it…WOW…”
Rick Sanchez – CNN

“The spoon started bending and moving -this is crazy…”

Dayna Devon -Emmy-award winning journalist & Co-host – Extra

“I am very skeptic, but after meeting with Guy Bavli, I am stunned! I loved him and I loved his message!”

Lynn Martinez – Deco Drive – FOX

“I want to know how you could predict the election results… Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!”

Dan Shilon, Channel 2 (Israel)

“You are Fantastic – the audience obviously loved you”
Tim Vincent – Access Hollywood – MSNBC

“Guy Bavli blows my mind…”
Kike Morande – TV Canal 13 (Chile)

“What I saw today can only bee seen in a dream – Guy Bavli is incredible”
Orlando Orlaneta – News TV (Venezuela)

“I can not imagine the show without you…”
Dwight Smith – Granada TV Production

“Guy Bavli’s performance was very generous and entertaining. The charisma of this mentalist was impressive and hilarious.”

Teiga Castrellon, Mi Diario, Panama City, Panama

“Guy has a good sense of humor and has the wonderful ability to keep the show dramatic and mysterious while the audience remains engaged via his light, comical yet mystifying acts… that keeps a smile on everyone’s face! I was standing in the back of the house and I could see the impossible happen before my very eyes. Plus the reactions of the spectators on stage provided the icing on the cake…. People freaked over this one! Guy is an excellent choice!”

Chris Morrison, Every night Magic – Review on Guy Bavli’s show, Hollywood, CA (USA)

“Guy Bavli’s presentation of two hours combined mystery, comedy, humor, and special powers… bending metals and reading minds… He won over the public.”

Alexs Osorio, La Estrella, Panama City, Panama
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