Celebrities & Vips

“Astonishing… this is not on TV this was in front of my eyes.”

Sir Roger Moore – Actor

“I am amazed how he could read my mind…”

Sophia Loren – Actress


Barry Gibb – (Bee Gees) – Singer

“Guy is a MASTER in mind over matter, there is an Enigmatic Personality in him . He is an amazing performer!”

Uri Geller (UK)

“Guy is the real deal – he freaks me out!!! ”
Ross Mathews – The tonight show – NBC

“Thank you for being the only real thing.It was amazing and I am still freaking out”
Raven Simone – Actress – Disney Channel.

“I am astounded by your innovative use of your original and modern ideas in the ancient art of mystery, you are truly an expert in your craft”
Milt Larsen, founder, Magic Castles, Inc.

“Guy is clearly one of the top practitioners of mentalism in the world today”.

Lance Burton – Master Magician, Monte Carlo hotel and casino Las Vegas NV (USA)

“Guy is a wonderful practitioner in the art.”

Criss Angel – Mind Freak, A&E

“It is crazy he bent a spoon in my hand – never saw something like it..”

Frankie J – Singer (Mexico)
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