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News posted on 5th October, 2012



Hope this email finds you well. As an Event Specialist you know how important Entertainment is to your valuable client. Matching the right Entertainment with the right event is an ART that is in the hand of YOU the event specialist.

I have been traveling the world performing Mind-Power Shows for over 2 decades, worldwide for top companies and celebrites. My show is geared to both Corporate & Private as well as Theaters & Casinos.

In order to assist you sharing my services with your clients, I created 2 NEW Informative E-Flyers. Both are AGENT FRIENDLY with the option for you to insert your OWN CONTACTS before you present it to your client!

The 2 PDF files

1. ABOUT GUY BAVLI – General ABOUT 4 page PDF outlining general information about Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind(R)

2. CORPORATE SHOWS – All special 4 page PDF information outlining the unique presentation options by Guy Bavli – only for Corporate / Exclusive Private Events.

Please Email me personally with your request, and I will be more than happy to send send you the PDF flyers IMMEDIATELY.

Looking forward to collaborate and creating a unique experience to your Client’s event!

Best Thoughts,
Guy Bavli

EMAIL ME and I will send you the AGENT FRIENDLY &



News posted on October 5, 2012 6:17 am
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