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News posted on 8th August, 2014

Dear Friends ,


I hope you all had some time to enjoy your family this summer.  Spending time with family is always a blast!


I too had time with mine in between my work travels.  Below some pictures from the latest shows, TV and other goodies.


High season is just around the corner.  If you have any interest in my shows or a date you want to check availability for, please let us know ASAP as my book is getting filled and we would like to accommodate all.


On another note, I am happy to announced that, although in delay, I opened INSTAGRAM  Better late than never… so please click and follow me for the latest snaps!


Lastly, below 2 video links to my new 2014 show reel, feel free to share with all!


Wishing you love, happiness and peace of mind!,


Best Thoughts,


Guy Bavli

Daily show in Aruba TV

With Ruben Garcia in a Radio show promoting 

Love the big stage… here is what I see from where i am


Making a couples Telepathically connected!

Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind®
2 min Promo Trailer 2014

With Lia, my production manager on the road to a shoW


TV Interview on location – guests her Date of Birth

Alhambra Casino show intimate moment with audience


The most I anjoy is to meet the audience after the show

Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind®
4 min Promo Trailer 2014


News posted on August 8, 2014 9:12 pm
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