Guy Bavli -Brazil TV appearance – June 2013 news!

News posted on 20th June, 2013

Dear Friends,

Summer is here! With that the Great Energies of Family bonding and Vacation is in the air… with all the good… and the stress that comes with that!
My Suggestion is:
“Embrace your inner child!”
Be forgiving and patient and Appreciate the Triviality of life.

This past June was very busy for me with shows and travels. One of the most enjoyable was my first visit to Brazil.
I was booked to appear in the Brazilan #1 TV show Domingão do Faustão. The show was shot in Rio de Janeiro’s GLOBO TV studios.

Brazil was beautiful, the Energy of the show was amazing with hundreds of people in the studio audience and millions at home.

I was invited to present mostly telekinesis and Metal Bending demonstrations.

Below some pictures from the show and the videos for your enjoyment.

Wishing you all an AMAZING SUMMER full of Positive energy!

Best Thoughts,

Guy Bavli


Guy Bavli TV- Faustão Brazil-part1 June 2013 from Guy Bavli on Vimeo.

Guy Bavli TV- Faustão Brazil-part 2 June 2013 from Guy Bavli on Vimeo.

News posted on June 20, 2013 6:20 pm
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