About Master Of The Mind

Guy Bavli is a peerless power in the world of entertainment

Guy Bavli, Master of the Mind, is a professional mentalist who has taken the world by storm with his unique ability to tap into the wonders of the mind and wow audiences everywhere he goes.

Guy performs a range of mind bending feats such as:

Mind reading
Exploring the magic of the mind

Not only is there a range of varied talents, Master of the Mind performs to his audiences, Bavli also delivers a spectacular and entertaining performance injected with elements of humour and intrigue. With years our experience in the industry and harnessing his spellbinding mind illusions, he has been able to create content for his shows that have made him one of the most renowned mentalists in the world. Performing on a worldwide scale, Bavli has starred on more than 400 TV shows globally, as well as in America’s NBC, the History Channel, My Network and Univision and more. It is to no wonder he is in high demand and is a number one choice for corporate entertainment if organisations want unique entertainment that is different from all others.

The wonders of Guy Bavli’s talents have travelled far and wide, captivating the minds of many audiences in trade shows, famous casinos, theatres, cruise lines and corporate events to thousands of people. Master of the MindÆ event is centred around a range of secrets enclosed inside the human psyche which he has mastered to a baffling level.

The theatre production has taken the world by storm as Bavli never fails to take his spectators on an unforgettably magical journey through the unexplored corners of the mind. The production is filed with comedy, romantic tones, visual wonders, inspirational demonstrations and much more to captivate the audience and leave them wanting more.
Guy Bavli – Master of the MindÆ is perfect for any corporate event, fundraising gala, exclusive party or other private event. His Live production show can be seen in Theatres Casinos, Colleges and Universities and is guaranteed to be a sell out event.

Scientists and journalists that have seen Bavli perform are left in wonder. He captures the hearts and minds of his spectators with great magic and wonder during his shows and also involves his audience making every moment interactive and enjoyable.

Whether a corporate event requires a psychic entertainer or a mind-reader, Guy Bavli brings an element of impossibility with every performance that will entertain and enchant your esteem guests. Understanding physiology is a key part to his amazing feats and ability to create illusions that stay in the mind of the spectator which makes for a great show that is full of trilling moments.

Reading thoughts of people in the audience, making predications and connecting on a telepathic level with different volunteers has allowed Bavli to connect with million of viewers and is part of what makes him such a wonder to watch. His unique theatre and casino performances have been a sell-out and can even incorporate elements of danger to make a breath-taking performance happen. Master of the MindÆ has delivered several performances on a worldwide scale, taking his shows from Las Vegas to Australia…. Hopefully to your event next!

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