TV & Media Appearances

Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind®, known for his exciting and awe-inspiring kinetic and psychic entertainment, has been featured on over 400 television shows worldwide. He starred in the NBC hit series, Phenomenon, and was featured on Stan Lee’s Superhuman. He has demonstrated his intriguing abilities on Masters of Illusion, numerous times in Latin’s biggest TV show: Sabado Gigante with Don Francisco and has been featured around the globe in television appearances in nearly every language.

Telekinesis, mind reading, mind illusions, predictions and more rare and breathtaking feats, make Guy Bavli’s performance ideal for TV appearances of all kinds.

Guy Bavli has the incredible ability to captivate an audience through the screen. His charming personality and ability to connect and inspire people to explore their own sixth sense made him a regular in many talk shows.

Guy Bavli’s TV appearances are all original. His creativity and ability to combine drama, as well as laughter, is unique in the field. All of Bavli’s acts for TV are one of a kind, with one thing in mind: Making each performance a great promo item and guaranteeing that it is talked about long after it has aired.

Bavli created unique acts such as: Stopping his heart and reviving himself while showing an out of body experience with his shadows. He is most recognized as the KINETIC MAN, demonstrating his exceptional telekinesis skills to bend and move objects using the power of the mind. Guy Bavli is the only one in the world that can Bend a STOP SIGN right in front of your eyes. Every TV presentation by Guy Bavli is an opportunity to create publicity that will make your TV show reach peak ratings.

Bavli also has more than a dozen unique TV acts that can be suitable to any TV format. He also customizes special appearances and material according to the needs of your TV format.

  • Talk show
  • Documentary
  • Live TV specials
  • Reality Shows
  • Consultant
  • Variety TV shows
  • Judge Panel
  • Radio shows

His 30 years of experience in front of the camera, expert knowledge, and brilliant showmanship makes Guy Bavli a unique and fun TV personality, guaranteed to increase ratings and have viewers on the edge of their seats.

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