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Guy Bavli’s live Master of the Mind® performance offers everything you expect from a headlining act and more. A combination of humor, danger, romance, mind magic and suspense mixed with audio visuals are guaranteed to captivate audiences of all ages and leave them belly laughing and buzzing long after the final curtain call.

With his world famous mind illusions and psychic-mentalist performances, Guy Bavli takes live entertainment to amazing new heights and provides an experience unlike anything audiences have ever seen before. Guy Bavli’s show is exciting, entertaining, funny and thrilling. It will complete your booking season by providing your guests with a show that is enchanting, intriguing and sensational.

Master of the Mind® live offers your esteemed audience the opportunity to experience a spectacle performance that is powerful and personal. Bavli has the unique ability to create a climactic flair that will leave guests questioning the world as they know it.

Whether he is bending metal with his mind, making astonishing predictions, or stopping his heart LIVE on stage, every moment of Guy Bavli’s performance is funny, awe-inspiring, and emotional.
Guy Bavli has headlined at a number of prestigious venues and casino’s including more than 1200 shows at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Carnegie Hall in New York, The Opera House in Frankfurt and in theatres all around the globe.

Past clients sing Bavli’s praises and the media raves about his unique ability to connect with audience members.

“Guy exceeded our expectation and never failed to amaze our audience with his very original appearances at Caesars Palace” Caesars World Entertainment.
Bavli thrills and amazes crowds night after night…,”

ShowBiz Magazine

“Some walk in as skeptics and a few leave as believers but no one can deny it’s a great night of fun and mystery!”

“Bavli… made me re-think Jesus a little bit… the Israeli mentalist… does have some sort of supernatural powers”

Miami New Times

Bavli creates an intimate and personal experience that is unique, making him the ideal choice to complete a season for performing arts centers, theaters, & casinos. He takes audience members on an unforgettable journey into the human mind with all its secrets and amazing powers. Bavli creates an exclusive performance that turns the table on the audience, setting the stage for them to become the true stars of the show, thus making each show unique in its own right.

Dazzling visuals, incredible illusions, and a unique use of music helps to set the tone for a fascinating feature performance that reaches way outside the average mentalist show.

Everything about Guy Bavli’s live Master of the Mind performance is big, bold and exciting. He is sure to create a unique and thrilling experience that audience members will remember, and one that will make your venue the talk of the town.

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