Motivational & Keynote Speaker

Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind®, has the rare ability to connect people to their inner sixth sense and by that inspiring them to manifest their dreams and maybe even exceed their own potential in life and business alike.  His unique ability to connect with others, coupled with spectacular showmanship, and 3 decades of examining the human mind, makes Guy Bavli the ideal motivational, Keynote and public speaker.  Besides being an award-winning entertainer in his own right, Keynote speaker Guy Bavli is a certified Hypnotherapist and studied all aspects of the human mind.  He is a master of communication, and his humbled yet hilarious personality and expertise create an inspiring story that encourages others and sends a distinctly positive message.Bavli, raised from his own personal story being an obese child and bullied by his schoolmates, decided to take his life into his own hands and excel with his inner personality to achieve his goals.  Bavli changed his own life, lost 35KG (nearly 80 lb) when he was only 17, using his mind power and a strong will to change.  Sharing his story, Bavli teaches people how to overcome their crippling inhibitions by using their own mind power.

Guy Bavli is the ideal choice for all types of events.  He is available for lectures, keynote speaker, mind power speaker and talks as an expert on hypnotherapy, he can share a motivational message about living the best life possible, and he is able to inspire audiences to get in touch with their own inner thoughts and create positive change and success.

Through use of humor, inspirational storytelling, facts of the mind and interactive mind games with the audience, Motivational speaker Guy Bavli connects with people of all ages and delivers a message that reaches deep within their soul.

Bavli will have your guests on the edge of their seats and use audience interaction to help deliver a strong message that they won’t soon forget.

Guy Bavli is creative and exciting and makes the perfect choice for Motivational and Public Speaking.  If you want to inspire your audience in your next event, Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind® is sure the choice for a headliner speaker.

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