“What is a Mentalist – A guide to understanding and being inspired”

Are you curious about telepathy, telekinesis, or other forms of ‘magic?’ 

Do you wonder how mentalism and mentalists do their ‘tricks?’

In this guide we’ll explain how to understand the different forces and how they can inspire you in your own life!


Mentalism is a demonstrated skill of intuitive ability. Typically this manifests as telepathy, telekinesis, hypnosis or mind control. Often mentalism is demonstrated in the form of memory skill, clairvoyance, or precognition. Mentalism is seen to be psychic in nature. Often mentalism results in feelings of ‘extreme coincidence,’ and observers may feel eerie about the results.

Be inspired! Mentalism can be tapped into with the power of your own mind. Consider ‘the gut feeling,’ or ‘the sixth sense.’ These are forms of mentalism we experience with no formal training in everyday life. 

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What is a mentalist?

As mentalism is the practice of psychic abilities including hypnosis, telekinesis and mind control, a mentalist is the performer or conduit of such ‘magic.’ Consider that performances and specific techniques demonstrated may vary, but the essence of psychic connection is always present. Mentalists may rely on subliminal or non-verbal cues, but often truly depend on the power of the mind. 

Some mentalists invite audiences to participate in the telekinetic or mentalism experiences. Often volunteers interact with mentalists to demonstrate the results of the sixth sense. 

Although many claim that mentalists employ ‘supernatural powers,’ more reasonable claims lead to honest mental power and unspoken human communication. 

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So, What is a Mentalist and what do they do?

A mentalist, being a person with psychic ability, practices mentalism, or performs feats of the ‘supernatural.’ Although many mentalists dispute the claim that there is anything ‘freakish,’ about their skill, they do admit that their skills are unique and noteworthy.

Often mentalists explain the difference between magic and mentalism for the sake of expressing the validity of their practice. Often mentalists cite that magicians in fact use illusion, and trickery to convince audiences that something which did not actually occur, has occurred. 

In contrast, mentalists demonstrate real, repeatable phenomena, often with the help and witness of others. 

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What is a Master Mentalist?

Master mentalists are those who travel or demonstrate their skills in front of large groups. Or, master mentalists are those with incredible, irrefutable talent in performing feats of telekinesis, telepathy, mind reading, or the like, with accuracy.

Master mentalists are not simply entertainers, or magicians who rely on deception. Master mentalists, conversely, are those who use the power of the mind and energy to help others find the power of the mind. Master mentalists tap into the sixth sense and allow others to simply relax. Hypnosis and mind reading are among some tools of expression used by master mentalists.

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Being Inspired by Mentalism 

Allow yourself to be inspired by what has been called ‘Real Magic’ because it is not magic at all. Mentalism is not deceptive or illusory in nature, but a real and observable phenomena. Mentalism can be practiced and experienced by everyone who is willing to believe in the power of their own mind.

Learn more about bringing mentalism into your life or workplace for motivation and inspiration with Guy Bavli, Master of the Mind.

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