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New Year, New Mindset

New Year, New Mindset – Motivational Concepts To Share With Your Business Employees to Increase Productivity for the New Year

Now more than ever, it is important to keep employees motivated. Motivated employees tend to work more effectively, efficiently, and even have higher attendance and work satisfaction ratings. 

Let 2020 be the year to motivate your employees. Start with an inspiring motivational speech with Master of the Mind, Guy Bavli. His powerful mentalism show will help you motivate your team and inspire productivity.

Corporations and companies are constantly providing bigger, better and more innovative benefits to employees. Inasmuch, if you want to keep your good employees around, incorporating some new motivational concepts to your workplace is a must. Not only will they stick around, they’ll be more productive and inspired to do a great job!

In the meantime, small changes can be a great basis to trigger big results. Here are a few of the best, simple ways to motivate employees, improve employee efficiency and support overall professional and personal development in your staff. 

New Year, New Mindset 

Synergy in the workplace exists when all of the parts work together for the greater goal, with teamwork. This is much more achievable when there is a motivated staff. Help them bring purpose and meaning to their work and their personal life with a motivational speech with Guy Bavli. 

Set small, measurable goals

How can the staff be more efficient or productive if there are no clear measures of efficiency or productivity? Work with your team to develop goals with specific measurable steps. Set up a system where tasks are clearly delineated and identified. Make specific flow charts with ascending goals. Goals become bigger and larger in scope as smaller goals are crossed off. This helps cultivate a sense of accomplishment in successfully completing tasks. 

Celebrate and reward 

Now that you’ve got some clear goals or ‘achievements’ in place and the staff know what they are working towards, celebrate success! Reward progress and reward milestones. Acknowledge effort towards goal completion. Recognize individuals for superb work. Offer increasingly valuable rewards for increasingly important goal achievement. 

Promote Teamwork 

Although it seems obvious, cultivating a sense of team, throughout the staff is highly correlated with increased productivity in the workplace. Even if individuals work on separate tasks, just the feeling of being on a team is important. It gives employees a sense of comradery and support. Foster group bonding activities like a motivational speaker to inspire and motivate new fresh thinking. 

Improve the setting

The business should create an environment that is enjoyable to be in. The  physical office space and ambiance should be conducive to work, but comfortable. The energy within the space should feel the same. Veer away from bright LED lights over bleak metal furniture. Strive to make a work setting that promotes communication among staff, and feels welcoming for all the obstacles of life (not just work). Add some plants, posters, pictures of the team. Generate a positive environment.

Work life/balance 

Encourage your staff to prioritize what is important. This starts with leading by example. Find ways to financially or otherwise promote good health and general well being. Support and encourage staff to take and use (hopefully generous) paid time off. Be flexible. If your staff (the team you cultivated with the above motivational steps!) need a day off for a plumbing emergency, for an out of town visitor, for a second opinion by a doctor, let them have it. Likely, the other team members will be happy to fill in. Nothing is so important that your staff member should prioritize work over their own life. As long as they work toward the bigger picture and achieve their work goals, allow them the same in their personal life. 

Health and mindfulness

Like work/life balance, this tip is directed at actually caring for the wellbeing of your staff members. Encourage your employees to empower themselves. Provide fruit for breakfast. Offer mindfulness training. Have motivational speakers offer some wisdom. Your employees will be more productive and be around for the long term, if you treat them well, and if they are healthy enough to do so! 

Improve Employee Motivation in  2020 

Let 2020 be the year to motivate your employees. 

Introduce any or all of these simple motivational concepts to the workplace and you’ll see immediate results. Improved employee morale, motivation and even improved employee attendance have been reported as a result of Guy Bavli’s Power of Mind workplace performances. You can kick start the employee motivation process with a motivational presentation in your very own workplace. Master of the Mind, Guy Bavli has over 30 years of experience showing people how to harness the power of the mind to improve motivation, satisfaction, and achieve their dreams. 

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