Guy Bavli - Telekinesis Man
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Telekinesis Man

“Telekinesis Man”

We have all had a bizarre experience of the paranormal at some point in our life. 

We’ve all seen something that made us feel we could not believe our eyes. But how can we explain these happenings? Is it an illusion? Is it magic? 

How can we understand the mystery behind these paranormal experiences so we can enjoy them instead of questioning our sanity? 

Paranormal explained

According to mentalist, illusionist and telekinetic corporate performer, Guy Bavli, these paranormal experiences can be easily explained. 

Paranormal activity is simply the combination of all of our senses. Bavli says that when we take all the senses we have and put them together in the right way we create a sixth sense experience, or telekinesis. 

Corporate entertainer Guy Bavli has been able to harness this telekinesis skill over the last 30 years and demonstrate the effect of directed mental focus. 

In a variety of performances, and illusions, Bavli helps generate paranormal experiences for a live audience. 

Is paranormal experience real?

Many people are not convinced that these sixth sense or illusion experiences are ‘real.’ This makes sense, considering that often the trick or phenomena is hard to believe and goes against our better judgement. We ‘cannot believe our eyes.’ 

We question if it is the real deal or just illusion and slight of hand. 

According to Guy Bavli, only you can decide. “The experience of mentalism or telekinesis is different for everyone. If you trust the power of your mind and heart you will truly know the paranormal experience you witnessed was real.” The opposite is also true says the corporate event entertainer, “If you do not trust totally in your heart, mind, and sense and if you resist the experience, you will not believe it to be real.” 

What types of paranormal experiences are there?

Some people call paranormal activity, telekinesis or mentalism a pseudoscience. 

Telekinesis much less known as psychokinesis is the psionic ability to move, manipulate and control a multitude of people and objects with the mind without physically touching them.

Precognition, or knowing the future and telepathy, or describing things at a remote location are other forms of paranormal experience. But for veritable impressiveness it’s hard to top psychokinesis, the ability to move objects through mind power.

What is telekinesis?

Telekinesis is an ability to manipulate objects in space or people with the power of the mind.

Telekinesis is an observable phenomenon sometimes referred to in mythology, history or fantasy text described as a superhuman power accessed through the mind.

In essence, telekinetic practice is the ability to move objects with the power of the mind. 

Guy Bavli demonstrates this throughout his Telekinesis Man’ show multiple times with multiple objects, most of which are given to him and he has never seen before. 

What is mentalism?

Mentalism is a type of psychic power, including precognition, psychokinesis to the spiritual world, and sometimes even the unconscious mind of a person’s psyche.

During Bavli’s shows, he demonstrates mentalism or telekinetic acts that may shock the audience. To counter the disbelief, he has brought a neural scientist on the show to monitor his actions and vitals. Though the scientist was not able to explain what his body was doing, the reports showed fluctuations of Bavli’s brain patterns right before the objects would move.

Even though we cannot seem to pinpoint the power of the mind, we can see the evidence of it through vital signs, videos and photos and astonished audience members. 

Mentalism is a very real experience if you direct your concentration to your senses and do not resist. 

Guy Bavli Telekinesis Man 

Still unsure if paranormal activity, mentalism, and telekinesis are real? 

Take Bavli’s advice and come see the show to experience it for yourself. Only you, your senses, your heart, and the power of your mind will know.